Richland Bridge SDA Church

We Exist for Those who have not yet come.


LIFE IS A JOURNEY through mountains and valleys, detours, rough roads and short cuts. Through good times and bad times. Why go it alone?  Our church is a Family traveling on a journey together and we have come to realize a few things about life. We are stronger together, we go farther together. we do more together. Together, we long to be transformed by Jesus Christ and see His hand hovering over our families physically, spiritually and emotionally as He works in our lives. If you are ready to see what God will do here and now in your life, we invite you to come and see! And know, you are welcome to visit or JOIN THE JOURNEY. 


Pastor Rodney Willey & Pastor Donna Willey
Richland Bridge Seventh-day Adventist Church

Join Us This Saturday
Bible Study Hour: 9:30 AM
Worship Service: 11:00 AM


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